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AWS Data Pipeline Activate Pipeline

Validates the specified pipeline and starts processing pipeline tasks.

AWS Data Pipeline Add Tags

Adds or modifies tags for the specified pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Create Pipeline

Creates a new, empty pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Deactivate Pipeline

Deactivates the specified running pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Delete Pipeline

Deletes a pipeline, its pipeline definition, and its run history.

AWS Data Pipeline Describe Objects

Gets the object definitions for a set of objects associated with the pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Describe Pipelines

Retrieves metadata about one or more pipelines.

AWS Data Pipeline Evaluate Expression

Task runners call EvaluateExpression to evaluate a string in the context of the specified object.

AWS Data Pipeline Get Pipeline Definition

Gets the definition of the specified pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline List Pipelines

Lists the pipeline identifiers for all active pipelines that you have permission to access.

AWS Data Pipeline Poll For Task

Task runners call PollForTask to receive a task to perform from AWS Data Pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Put Pipeline Definition

Adds tasks, schedules, and preconditions to the specified pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Query Objects

Queries the specified pipeline for the names of objects that match the specified set of conditions.

AWS Data Pipeline Remove Tags

Removes existing tags from the specified pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Report Task Progress

Task runners call ReportTaskProgress when assigned a task to acknowledge that it has the task.

AWS Data Pipeline Report Task Runner Heartbeat

Task runners call ReportTaskRunnerHeartbeat every 15 minutes to indicate that they are operational.

AWS Data Pipeline Set Status

Requests that the status of the specified physical or logical pipeline objects be updated in the specified pipeline.

AWS Data Pipeline Set Task Status

Task runners call SetTaskStatus to notify AWS Data Pipeline that a task is completed and provide information about the final status.

AWS Data Pipeline Validate Pipeline Definition

Validates the specified pipeline definition to ensure that it is well formed and can be run without error.

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